DriveItDay club run

The club will soon be providing plans for members to join in a drive to celebrate this annual event.

You'll enjoy it best by driving in your Lotus but if that is impossible any member can take part in whatever vehicle they wish.

The aim is to start from meeting places in the north and south of our area to meet up at a more central venue. 
North - the car park of Classic Team Lotus (opposite the entrance to the Lotus factory) Potash Lane, Hethel, NR14 8EY
South - the Sainsburys car park at Haverhill, Haycocks Hill, CB9 7YL
At that point the two groups can merge and follow a route to a final place where meals can be bought.  It is likely to take up most the day so plan accordingly.  Good weather has been ordered for it!

Any member wishing to take part is asked to book their place by sending an email (subject DID 21/4) to Mark at

Event Date: Sun, 04/21/2024 - 23:59
Contact: Mark.Rolph
Meeting Point 1: Classic Team Lotus Factory

Classic Team Lotus Limited 
Hethel Industrial Estate
Potash Lane
NR14 8EY

Meeting Point 2: Haverhill, Sainsburys car park at Haycocks Hill, CB9 7YL


Sainsburys car park

Haycocks Hill